Friday, November 30, 2007

Notebook: Homepage Evolution

Today, some semi-intelligible notes:

Time for a new homepage design for logged-in users. The current design has the following faults. The Top 6 is a nice reminder about the contest, but the Top 6 don't change often enough for it to be interesting. Second, the content tabs (Video / News / etc) are lost behind the contest tab, and they are a little boring to look at.

The new homepage will feature content a little more, and will probably feature some of our experimentation with recommending links to people. Top 6 will still be present, but pushed down.

The new design will probably push down the Spank News (news feed) off the screen. Trying to keep the Spank News on the screen was part of what inspired the current design. And some people will disagree with this. I think it's a case of thinking inside the box, since the news feed is so prominent on facebook. But what Linkspank offers is primo content, and connections with friends through the content. We'll be integrating all that into the top box.