Wednesday, November 7, 2007

WebInno15 Debrief

WebInno15 happened yesterday in Cambridge at the Royal Sonesta. Linkspank made a showing with the Linkspank TV squad. Part of our mission was to determine what people thought of the startups, and whether they seriously believed any of them was better than Linkspank.

Findings: There was a high level of enthusiasm for these startups. When asked to name a favorite, most people listed numerous sites. Some extremely serious people who do no procrastination and are very rich were interested in companies like iProperty and Lemonade.

iProperty: Preferred by People too Rich and Serious to Procrastinate

Generally, however, people came around to admitting that Linkspank sounded cooler than the other sites. They could not help but be captivated by the idea of procrastinating online and winning a trip to Hawaii as a result.

How's this for a property.

Thanks to David Venrock for hosting the event, and to all the great startups for sharing their ideas.

Footage from the event will be available on the next episode of Linkspank TV, which will be hurled violently into your Linkspank Inbox in a couple days.