Thursday, December 6, 2007

Reflections on the Hawaii Contest.

Let's win some sh*t

I will say that the Hawaii Contest has turned out nicely. Even when only a minority of spankers are trying hard to win, the contests do a good job of feeding the community with a constant diet of tasty spanks.

Our Holiday Contest (beginning next week!) will feature some changes, as usual. We'll have two divisions, with separate standings and separate winners. We'll have a new set of prizes...probably less expensive prizes, since a Hawaii trip is not really 3x or 4x as effective as a Wii or a Bose SoundDock. We'll have slight adjustments to the point system to keep the contests competitive. We will also continue to feature sports analysis of the contest as in Linkspank TV this week.

Many other Great Things are forthcoming on Linkspank this month... stay tuned.