Monday, September 15, 2008

Creating toolbar to help you if you're a tool

I have a couple big posts to do. One to answer the Faq "how is Linkspank doing," another to answer the Faq "how are you doing," and the third to answer the Faq, "why did you invite me to facebook?"

For now I'll just note that today I worked on the new version of the linkspank toolbar for Firefox. The previous toolbar was well received by testers and a version for the latest edition of Firefox has been requested. It will be useful even to people (like me!) who prize screen space and are wary of anything that might take up that space.

And if you don't know what a toolbar is, well this toolbar will be cool enough for you to learn. But in short summary, it will provide you with the magic of Linkspank wherever you go on the web, and will allow you to save and share web pages with one click. And, if you're not a Firefox user, you should be, because despite other options it's still the best way to browse the web.

If you're a firefox user and you want to experience the toolbar glory early, just let me know.

PS the Cowboys suck.