Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chrome (by Google) is the Usain Bolt of Browsers

With Chrome, you can find cool crap on Linkspank faster than ever before

When I heard about Google Chrome coming out as an alternative to browsing the web with Firefox or Internet Explorer (among others), I wasn't too interested at first.  I just saw the browser's appearance as part of the big G's strategy to provide everything online that you are formerly used to installing on your computer (e.g., Microsoft Office).

But I heard that Chrome was really fast, so I downloaded it.  BY GOD this browser is fast.  It's also nice to see that Linkspank works well in it.  I'm personally quite excited.

From a Linkspank perspective, Chrome underscores the mighty power of Google.  I often look at Linkspank's so-called competitors and I'm stunned by just how little they achieve.   What have all those big teams doing for all these years (quite a few years, for some of them)?  Google, on the other hand, can come in and change the game quickly.  For Linkspank, it means that we have to use our smallness as an advantage, which is an ongoing consideration in the strategy.