Thursday, September 11, 2008

Building the New Google

Soon I will write about the Facebook invitation bonanza that you may have noticed, but today I'll just drop a note about a current project.

Linkspank Version 2, coming in a couple weeks, will feature a "New Google."  How's that for a bold promise?  It's called the "New Google" for two reasons.  First, it's not Google, so if it's any form of a Google it's a new Google.  But there is a second and better reason to call it a Google, which is that it is going to be a Google (search engine) for "new" stuff.  

We are testing the search engine and it's already totally sweet.  It does something that is really obvious and needed, but for some reason no one is providing it right now.  Hence I'm predicting you'll be all over it.  To prove me right or wrong, stay tuned to this blog.  And get prepared to pump it up to your friends and stalkers when it comes out.

In the meantime... see you on Facebook :-).