Friday, September 5, 2008

All our great problems are unsolved

The world around us tries to convince us that the great problems have
been solved, that the Internet or your field of science or business is
coming to a state of maturity. People state and imply that there isn't
much more to be done...or that what's left to be done is merely the
extension of what we've already achieved (e.g., bringing the web to
mobile devices).

Don't fall for this idea. It's wrong. Thomas Kuhn, the coiner of
"paradigm shift", eloquently explains to us just how difficult it is
to think outside the narrow tracks of cotemporary research and

For Internet, the classic mantra is that search is "done". Maybe it
is, in a way. But people said that pre-Google and I can think of some
big shortcomings with what the Google homepage gives us, brilliant
though it is.

For one thing, searching only works if you can state what you are
looking for. Sometimes you don't know how to state it, and sometimes
it just can't be stated easily (e.g., when you're browsing).

Linkspank Version 2 will present more than one new twist on searching
and browsing. So I'm psyched about that.

So there you have it: a little plug to stay thirsty for version 2, and
a little reminder about pushing the edge of the paradigms.