Sunday, April 27, 2008

Walden Pond, thoughts on the tipping point

I'm about halfway around walden pond, thinking about individuality and
the tipping point. If a business is characterized by tipping point
logic, it's anyone's guess as to how it will play out. Small changes
make too big a difference. The success of the business is based on
nonlinear factors. It's chaos math at play essentially. For linkspank
you can put it this way. People try linkspank and they basically like
it. Some people like it am awful lot. Many of those people haven't
recruited any friends though - despite the fact they like the site and
would be pleased to have friends active on it. Now if you had a
situation where each me those people brought one friend to the site,
the community would grow very very quickly and in fact it would be
about as good as it gets for a site like linkspank. And some
relatively small changes could make some spankers invite just one more
person (though it's hard to know what those changes are). So the
strategic imperative is to find those little differences. In light me
this you can see why luck is a huge factor for all such businesses
whether they "succeed" or "fail". Personally the luck factor doesn't
attract me. Chess is one of my favorite games because there is minimal
luck involved. But i am passionate about so much that linkspank stands
for - using the web to organize and share information, bring smiles to
people, play around and play a new kind of game, be more efficient,
discover cool new things - that it's perfect for me. Being at walden
is a nice reminder of individuality, which is so important to me.
Entrepreneurship requires it, not because you are "working for
yourself", but because you are by definition pursuing an opportunity
that the rest me the world has passed over- your business is an
embodiment of a difference of opinion with the majority. Ok, i'm back
at the front of the pond. May you have a good sunday and know when to
disagree with others. :-)

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