Monday, April 28, 2008

everyone deserves an iPod Touch, including me

So many things about this picture amuse me

I got myself an iPod touch. First, I wanted one to test our budding Mobile Spank on it (because to date I've been doing my mobile browsing on a Nokia N95). Second, we're going to be giving away some iPod touches and iTunes gift certificates soon, and I realized that having and using the touch would allow me to take some videos of how fun it is and also make sure I personally understand the iTunes process. (Believe it or not I'm not currently an iTunes user; I get my kicks from Pandora.)

Which is all very exciting to me. About a billion new things are coming on Linkspank soon, and now I get to spank from yet another device. Bitchinnnnnnnn.

Plus, apparently I can use it as a phone too: