Monday, October 29, 2007


Today's a crappy post but I'm keeping the flame alive... :-)

A linkspank toolbar is in the works - something you install in Internet Explorer or Firefox with nice buttons to help you spank and do other stuff across the web. We already have a QuickSpank button for your browser - the toolbar will have additional functions.

The design is not quite finalized. A toolbar is a pretty obvious idea. It was central to our original conception of linkspank, but we jettisoned it after research showed that most people don't know what toolbars are, and a mighty percentage of the other people are unwilling to install toolbars. (Basically any service that requires the installation of a toolbar is either willing to settle for a very small community, or they are clueless.)

On the other hand, the people who DO install toolbars are very important spankers so they deserve all the spanking equipment they want. Plus, this toolbar is going to be bitchin. So it's on the way.

What do YOU want in the toolbar? Let us know.