Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Death of Business 2.0

I got my last issue of Business 2.0, which has been canceled. While I didn't consider it a paragon of journalism, and did find its predictions of "What's Next" a little repetitive, I am still quite sad to see it go. I joined the Facebook group to save the magazine but to no avail.


What will I miss? I can put it in these terms. One of my entrepreneurship professors presented our class with a series of new businesses, a great many of which turned out to be no-go's. When asked if this was a dirty trick to fool us, he explained that we are too accustomed to studying success cases, and ignoring failure cases.

One thing I liked about Business 2.0 was that it reported on not-yet-successful cases-- so, as in my entrepreneurship class, you got a flavor of the failure in with the success. That was a good thing. On the other hand, the magazine had a tendency to depict everything it reported on with glowing optimism, which was not realistic (and maybe the opposite of realistic). Reporting with more skepticism would have improved the usefulness of the publication to everyone (except maybe the companies being covered).

I guess now I'll just have to read even more blogs as a substitute. Sigh. Maybe blogs are the way of the future, but it's a pretty disorganized shuffle right now. Maybe Linkspank can help someday...