Monday, October 15, 2007

More on the TV Show

As I mentioned we're going to have a Linkspank TV Show.

The team is almost formed - we're working out the details. This is slated to be a weekly, low-budget show viewable via YouTube or another source. It will highlight some of the best spanks of the preceding week.

Here are some of the segment concepts we've tossed around (how's that for openness!):

1. Commentary on Recent Linkspanks.

  • Example: let’s replay this video, “Snake coughs up entire hippo” and attain a deeper understanding of what’s going on J. Also commentary on more serious spanks, so this could vary a lot in tone.
  • Comparable to shows that comment on viral videos. Talk show quality.

2. Lightning News.

  • We actually report the news. Maybe a headline blitz – all the week’s news in 30 seconds.
  • Comparable to real news + MTV news or something.

3. Interview: Viral Video Creator.

  • We track down and interview the people who have created popular spanks.
  • Comparable to a talk show / news.

4. Interview: Portrait of a Spanker.

  • We interview prominent Spankers. Who is the mastermind behind KidBaby? How did he reach Level 5 with such a low quality rating? Do we think he’s in the running to win the secret Spankathon prize?
  • Comparable to ESPN sideline reporting. (How did it feel to score the winning touchdown? What will it take to win next week?)

5. Street Reports.

  • We interview people on the streets and review local establishments. This is usually pretty fun.
  • Comparable to : that geography quiz video.

6. Caller Segments.

  • We let people call into the show and discuss a concept that we just shared or something from last week.
  • Comparable to : radio or TV talk show.

7. Reporting and Analysis of Current Contests.

  • We give John Madden X and O diagram – type analysis of current contests- who’s winning, how, predictions, analysis, opinions.
  • Comparable to : ESPN shizzle.

8. On-Air Games

  • Game show type activity oriented around linkspank, with opportunity to win points on Linkspank and/or sponsor prizes.
  • Comparable to : game shows, Linkspank itself .

9. Workplace disruption missions

  • Visit spankers in their workplace or try to convert bored workers to the spank. Try not to get sued!
  • Comparable to : nighttime TV skits, YouTube stuff.