Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Ad Model I Want: More like Gmail, Less like AdSense

Linkspank has no ads on the site, but if and when we ever put any on there, this is what I want.

NOT: Traditional AdSense style
  • Ads based on content of entire page
  • Ads driven heavily by words in URL and page title
  • Ads load pretty much only on page load

WHAT I WANT: Ads behaving like Gmail Ads
  • Ads load specific to a portion of a page (e.g., a Gmail message)
  • New ads load when a new page loads (e.g., a Gmail message)
  • Ads don't care so much about the URL or header.
This would be useful in particular for the Linkspank Inbox, where you pop up messages of interest to you. If you have tips on the subject, let me know! :-)