Sunday, September 16, 2007

Possible New Prize: Jawbone

One of the most fun things about running the contests is the satisfaction of giving people their prizes. I have been able to hand some prizes over in person -- like djperry1973's iPhone, Naytrain's Bose Sounddock, nrogers' Sounddock, and MrZach's Apple TV.

Prizes are fun.

The Jawbone may have the makings of a future Linkspank prize.

I'm not sure if people would bust their humps spanking for a few weeks to win a Jawbone. But it might make a decent prize for something like the Spankathon. It's a bit cheaper than some of the other prizes, so maybe we will give away a few more. Many spankers are corporate types and hence they may salivate over this product. What do you think?

One other reason I was looking at the Jawbone is that the time is approaching to spruce up Linkspank's preview, which doesn't do any justice to the site. The Jawbone demo is awesome, and while it's a very different product from Linkspank, it's good inspiration.