Tuesday, August 21, 2007

updates on various schemes

Shirts. Linkspank T-shirts came in today. After a long analysis of what schwag would work best, I came back to T-shirts. I only ordered a few at first. They are American Apparel, 100% cotton, black, generally bad-ass.

Map. I have been playing a little bit more with Linkspank's map functions, which have kept a very low profile to date. Some people love the map as a way of seeing who spanked who for a particular link. Right now I'm looking at the map as a way of browsing friendship connections and the spread of Linkspank itself. (If you have not seen the current map feature you can find it in "more..." in the menu under a link.)

Spankathon. For my next step I'm considering a "spankathon," in which participants pledge to bring in a certain number of friends and we have a little billboard charting our overall progress, and pledgers get prizes for hitting their goals. Still testing that idea out.